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Happy Holidays. Who says you have to gain weight during the holidays? How about a challenge of loosing a few pounds or staying at your current weight? Here are a few strategies:

  1. CARDIO – whether it is a StairMaster or Metabolic Trigger Response Workouts do not skip it, this week do it every day. I know, I usually say you have to pace yourself and do not overdo it but with all the eating you will be doing you will have plenty of energy to give.
  2. DO NOT SKIP YOUR MEALS –  You know the whole deal about saving your calories well make sure you eat every two hours and have fiberous carbs, lean protein, and healthy fat in small servings at every meal. You will be less likely to overeat when you know you have been a good sport. Check out Free To Be Fit healthy recipes at Peak Optimal Performance Nutrition blog.
  3. WATER WATER WATER – 8 oz of water plus another 8 oz of water for every 30 minutes of exercise.
  4. AT THE PARTY – Pick the smallest plate and pick only one desert and be picky. Go for what you really want vs. what you think is low in cal/fat. Because I do not have to tell you that it never works that way. You will end up getting the cheesecake and whatever your favorite is anyway, but by that point you already have inhaled all the rest of your food options.
  5. FOOD HANGOVER – Ok. You were good but at the end gave in and gorged your heart out until you cannot breath. You know what that is ok. Just make sure to do your cardio the next day and get back to clean eating instead of restricting your food groups and food intake by saying – I cannot believe I did it again, and I was so good so I will just eat no carbs and do crazy cardio the whole week or no make it it a whole month. Yeah. Guess what the guilt and the restriction will not work – admit it, you did it and you know it, IT DOES NOT WORK if it did, you would not be reading this post :). So instead stick to moderation (click here for tips on healthy eating for lean body for life) and instead of eating yourself sick and blaming yourself, use that extra energy and get an extra rep in or extra mile during your next workout.

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