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I have been busy. Pilates training came out to be harder then I imagined and studying along with work and dealing with contractors because I had flooding issues has been taking its toll both on me, my training, and nutrition. I have been feeding the void but today I am deciding not to add another burden on myself and eat clean so I can stay strong and handle what life throws at me. Plus with very few minutes to spare my workouts have not been what I want them to be because of training for Pilates – I have been doing those Pilates exercises mostly but they are not geared to packing mass. Do not get me wrong I think a tone and healthy core and back is essential to packing mass but it is a bit frustrating when I cannot do the workouts that I want to do to get that mass.

Well, anyway, here is the plan of attack for Having Your Cake and Eating it Too & Staying Lean During The Holidays: it is all about Portion Control.

The truth is you can have your cake and eat it too. In other words, if you eat healthy all year and only indulge in fatty and fried options during those special occasions (which comes out to about 1 month give or take) and keep your eye out for portion sizes you will not gain weight. Those occasional splurges can actually help out your metabolism. However, that means 4 oz of chicken is still 4 oz of chicken whether it is fried, cooked,  baked, breaded, or etc. when talking about carbohydrates like potatoes,and pasta it is still 1/2 cup whether Au gratin, stuffed with cheese or broiled in the oven.

Here is what I do and it works when I actually do it and does not leave me feeling that I am missing out. The main idea is doing it and not just saying you will or not eating out just to come home and inhale a tub if ice-cream of course you will start out with some chicken feeling hungry then self-loathing takes over and you dive into the secret stash which of course was not supposed to be touched. I do not know I might be really off here. But it will hit a home run for many who have been trying to loose the same 10 lb for 5, 10, 15 or more years. Then at some point they turn into 15lb, 20lb or more.

  • Step 1: Arrive fashionably late. If possible arrive a bit later so you are not waiting hungry and munching away on the appetizers and drinking your night away BUT instead you will be going strait to the main course. Pick seltzer water instead of juice or soda’s, even if it is diet it usually triggers hunger.
  • Step 2: Appetizers watch out. Be picky and if you cannot resist just try one of each of whatever you like.
  • Step 3: Green yourself lean. Always start with greens and pick the largest plate. So the first time you stay at the buffet line you will only pick up greens salad and vegetables. If not putting any dressing on your greens leaves you feeling weird (trust me most people look at me as if I have 3 heads when I eat my salad with no dressing or my turkey sandwich with no mayo. Sometimes I do put some hummus mixed in with Sriracha. Yum…yum) so if you do feel the urge to get it just limit it to 1 spoon ideally 1 teaspoon but 1 tablespoon OK too.
  • Step 4: Go back for seconds. Yes, you read it right go back for seconds. Since the first time were just greens you are going to go back for seconds. If possible choose a smaller plate so it will look like it is more and you will not feel ripped off. This time choose one serving of meat, one serving of starchy carbs, and a cooked vegetable. Isn’t it great going for seconds and you are still in control of your waistline.
  • Steps5: Desert time. Pick one that you really like and savor every bit of it, if you can split it with someone else even better if not no worries. And if fruit is available have one before you dive into the desert, this will help out with any extra sweetness you crave and you might not even want to finish your desert.
  • Step 6: Dance, dance, dance. Wrap up with dancing. It will burn that desert off and those extra calories you ate so you will feel great and get a bit of cardio in as well.

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