MTRW Of The Day | Lean & Mean Comeback

Hi guys,

It has been a while and I cannot wait to pass my test this weekend for Pilate Power Training Level II (Intermediate and some advanced techniques and teacher training). I am burned out, even though I really enjoy learning all the new techniques, it’s been September since I started Pilates specific training and since September of last year with all the other trainings that I took. So you can imagine the workload. I am forcing to pace myself if possible next year limiting to 1 training in 3 months vs. every other weekend. Plus I really need to focus on the business side: website, e-books (have several ideas in the making), and online streaming workouts which I have all planned out but need time to do. I am also excited to say that starting mid January I will be posting regular real time whole length videos of my workouts and POP cooking. I can’t wait.

Anyway, in the spirit of short and sweet here is today’s workout.

3 rounds AMRAP | wear a weighted vest

  1. unilateral competition burpees | 7 on each leg
  2. 140 skip rope jumps | should take about 1 min
  3. lateral jump lunges | 21 reps | L& R count as one
  4. 140 skip rope jumps | should take about 1 min
  5. Side Plank with toe touch | 14 reps each side

In case if you are wondering where I got the weird numbering, well it is about the mathematical formulas and progressions based around Da Vinci’s codes and the Golden Ratio in this case number 7 progression. Just so you know that the HIT 10 sec work 20 sec rest was developed and and adopted based around the golden ration so you do not think that I am losing it : )


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