MTRW Of The Day | Friday Burn

Happy friday.

I had another sleepless night. My son was up again so no sleep for two night in a row. Closer to the morning he was hungry, he ate and went to sleep around 5 am. I think it is amazing how children know when something is off, I have been stressed for the last two days he definitely picked up on that.

But here is your totally new workout so you cannot slack 🙂

TABATA  | 10 sec rest x 20 sec work | 4 min for each | 4 exercises | 1-3 min rest between exercises depending on your fitness level

  1. Jump up + chin up + leg raise, jump down to burpee + push up | you can use a chin up bar or rings 🙂
  2. Lateral lunge + twist | Place sandbag over shoulder | alternate left & right with every round
  3. KB Swings
  4. KB Overhead hold with walking lunges



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