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But godliness with contentment is great gain. 1 TIMOTHY 6:6, NIV

Whether you know it or not, your goals and dreams are susceptible to “go getter syndrome” — Bigger, better, faster, if you do not have goals you are wasting time or if there is another day you did not get to your goal then you are not trying hard enough.

Yet contrary to the seductive tune of the “go getter” is that one day you wake up and look back on your life and it is just a blur. Crossing one goal off your list for some reason leaves you empty even though you’ve tried so hard to get there, you worked hard and dotted all your “I’s” and crossed all your “t’s” while going down the to do list. Only to feel unfulfilled and with the urge to move to the next goal. So how do you learn to live within that truth without constantly feeling like your life, your goals, and what you do does not measure up?Svetlana_35

You open up to contentment, gratitude, and stop to smell the roses and be present.

The spirit of gratefulness is the sole seed for contentment, love, and gratitude. It’s the courageous choice to thank God for what you have and for what you don’t have. Even when you don’t know whether you will be able to stay on track with your nutrition or workout that week. Even when you are starving and they scheduled another meeting during your lunch break when you were also planning to workout and that is the second week in a row. Even when your next-door neighbor eats all the donuts, fries, pies, cakes, burgers, and does not know what green beans are and still is able to wear her high-school jeans.

The truth is it comes down to planning and visioning. The big picture, the goals of you staying healthy and happy while being content and focused on one workout or meal at at a time. Stop thinking what you will do for the next workout while you are training, or that you are out of breath and another person just keeps going, or that you are forgoing the office pizza for having a healthy lunch.  Play with different cuisine’s and if the gym you go to does not motivate you try something else, with so much variety you can find something that fits everyone whether a budget or time constrain.


Embrace contentment, plan your meals, workout for pleasure, and enjoy every bit of it. Step-by-step, day-by-day even when you fall or fail just get up and keep moving.



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