MTRW Of The Day | KB Shoulders

Hi guys,

I had the luxury of doing Zumba today so for my weight training I did KB. I loved how effectively they sculpted my shoulders and arms when I was prepping for my RKC certification. And now that I signed up for the CK-FMS workshop in may I need to get my strength back since during the last three months I have been dealing with flooding, and renovations. It is still happening but at least my son is no longer sick so I actually got full night sleep this week, first in the last month.

Of course a warm up. Classical Surya Namaskar is great to build heat in the body and get the energy going.

For the workout you will need 3 different size KB, I used 12, 14, & 16 kg.

Part 1: 4 rounds

  • KB press | 10-12 reps
  • Chin-ups or pull-ups | Max effort | when maxed out do a flexed arm hang

Part 2: 4 rounds

  • KB Swings | place 3 KB is front of you with sizes lined up from smaller to larger size | start with left arm – 10 swings, move to the next bell and switch arms right – 10 swings, move to the next bell and switch arms right – 10 swings | repeat starting with right hand = 1 round

Happy news, I use chalk a home but it is a no no in the gym. So I found a great liquid chalk for using KB. I tried it out and no stickiness, no gaminess, or slippery hands, just you and you bell. Loved it. Here is the link: Xtreme Formulations Hand Spray, Anti Perspirant/Sanitizer, Liquid Chalk, 2 Ounce (Pack of 2).

And here is the link to my test. I hurt my shoulder so upon successful completion of all the other prerequisites RKC allowed 90 days to take the 100 rep 5 min snatch test:


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