MTRW Of The Day | Push Through It

Hi Guys,

I am building my new website and very excited about the 2nd location and all the new services that we are offering. We are running specials where it is $0 Enrollment Fee and $50 OFF. You can register for your FREE class and view group class listings here:

With that said, today’s post is about our convictions. Plenty of times our preset ideas and notions dictate who we are. We became so convinced, by either evidence or argument, that those beliefs are true. In many cases it is so much easier to be on auto-pilot than to take the drivers seat and drive to the destination: “I am living my dream”. Rather, we are trapped in our daily routines. We choose to believe something based on our past experiences and other peoples ideas about who or what we should be, our parents, teachers, the media, etc. When the someone pays us a compliment or extra attention so does our mood change, and even if we did not like that person before suddenly they seem nice or the gloomy day becomes brighter. In other words, most of us depend on someone elses approval or disapproval of our actions, looks, or ideas.

In contrast how about finally breaking free from others, I am not saying came to that nasty co-worker and finally tell him/her off. But rather do not let them cloud your day. There are things we can change and there are some we cannot. But rather then letting your emotions take over and let one nasty comment rain on your parade, grab an umbrella 🙂 and arm yourself with the confidence. This will push you through the feeling of self-loathing and pity. Pick a song, a prayer, or word that really lifts your spirits. For example, whenever my son comes from school frustrated I tell him to go and punch the heavy bag to get it out. Exercising always helped me to lift my spirits. So on that note here is your workout for today: Push Through It. It is a tough one and hence the name. Also, you get as much as you put in so do not cheat yourself.

Part 1: 5 min | non-stop | 1 min rest before moving to part 2

  • Burpees

Part 2: Gymboss times for 16 double rounds | 15 sec rest x 45 sec work | 4 exercise | 4 rounds

  • Long forward jumps + jump switch | repeat
  • Dynamic push-ups
  • Crabby patty
  • KB swings

Part 3: Gymboss times for 16 double rounds | 15 sec rest x 45 sec work | 4 exercise | 4 rounds

  • Pendulum
  • High knees
  • Switch pull through
  • Skaters



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