MTRW Of The Day | 300 Rep Challenge

Hi guys,

It’s been a while. I was working on the new site and now it is ready. Now you can register for classes, view schedule, and see upcoming sales and deals in one place. I am still keeping my blog, so those of you who enjoy it you will not be disappointed 🙂yogi sandbag 9

Also, I got a new workout tool: Yogi Sandbag™ and you can have one too. Click here buy one for your yoga practice.

I noticed that a lot of times my mind is set on a specific number of reps or sets so this time I decided to challenge myself and my 9:00 am Lean Mass Assault Saturday class (click here to register) with a 300 rep challenge becasue a lot of time it is really all in your head and may be the reason for plateaus and not seeing results. Workout breakdown: 10 rounds | 3 exercises | 10 reps each | non-stop | for time

  • KB jump squats
  • Side-walking plank
  • Prisoner get ups

Here is the link for the classes at the new location: Group Class Schedule. And here is what we are offering as part of the group schedule:

Lean Mass Assault™: Ultimate high intensity challenge for Maximum Results! Fast!

Pilo-Yoga™: Pilates & Yoga fusion workout for Sculpted & Toned body.

Free2BFit360™: Body-weight suspension training for extreme lean physique.

Yoga Core Flow: Transcend & renew with the world most ancient body-mind practice.

Mommy & I Yoga Bliss: Connect with your kids while enjoying a yoga practice together. 

2BFit Barre: TONE, TRIM, and TRANSFORM your body with a fusion of ballet, Pilates, and resistance training. 

You can click on the name to see class descriptions and schedules.

Plus we are running our grand opening special:

$0 Enrollment Fee

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Plus $50 OFF.

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offer ends Jan 31, 2013