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The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.
~Benjamin Mays

I think what Benjamin Mays says  resonates with all of us fitness warriers. The true reason behind saying ” I still have the same 10 lbs to loose” ” I am working on getting good at those pull-ups” something a lot of us said for years and years is not that we do not want it, but we get comfortable where we are. We have loved one’s who love us, and we really look pretty good and still turn heads so that comfort zone interferes with the true self that we want to be. Otherwise we will stop saying that we have the last 10 lbs to loose or it would be nice, or that we are getting a pair of jeans that are a bit too too tight in hopes of motivating us to get on with the proper nutrition and fitness program. Just to find out that those pair of jeans do not fit and they will only fit when we get sick, because we could not eat anything. This brings us to a rude awakening that when we are back to normal they are too tight and let’s admit it just uncomfortable to sit, walk or breath in.

Here is the thing if you are in a healthy weight range then there is nothing wrong with being there and maintaining what you have; however, stop saying it would be good to loose those last 5 or 10lbs. Enjoy what you have, truly enjoy it so there is no more sulking when a pair of lean legs pass you by on someone else or those flat abs, or those muscular biceps and shredded back – for the male reader of the post :). But if you still are then step up and take control, set goals, and do not give up. Because if you do not give up then you will not have to start all over again. It’s not about a diet or working out for 21 days straight to form a habit (with that said yes that is where you will have to start) but rather thinking of it in a long term sense, for permanent happiness. With no more sulking, self-loathing (or it was a hard day I deserve to unwind with that piece of cake or scoop of ice-scream or it is just a b-day party I can have a bit more and a bit more than everyone else is) no more. That so far did not give you any positive results. If it did please let me know, not sure then why you would be reading this post.

So take it from someone who has lost over 80lbs, being fat and skinny, and fat, and skinny, it takes time, it takes self-love and care because you are sure not doing yourself a favor but packing on the pounds and getting a risk of having a heart attack or diabetes. Because right now it is instilled in us that why should we change and say no to things we enjoy, there is a magic pill or powder (the new fad of sprinkling something on your food and you do not want it any more). Nope no magic pills. They will help at first but look at a growing body of evidence with many side-effects and possibly death. Really????? Are you really hating yourself so much you will sign up for that. I thought it is all about making it easy, being happy, and confident. Well that sure solves that problem, death takes care of the need to loose weight.

I am sorry for being so blunt but unfortunately many of us rather then embracing healthy living and the benefits that it brings would rather come up with excuses not to enjoy our life. By the way those pills, surgery, and such is very expensive so if you say you do not have money to get organic and quality food think twice. Did you know the reason you crave those salty, sweet, butter cookies. The combination of those ingredients act on the brain like drugs (MRI’s showed the same part of the brain lights up in both cases) and like with any drugs you want more and more.  So the reason the sprinkles work is that those tastes buds are no longer tasting the sweet, salty, fatty  food so you stop eating. But what happens when you stop? Or when they find out the side-effects just like the drug ephedra which was pulled-off the shelves. You can accomplish a lot more and show your children and family members who struggling with their health that by substituting the foods that do not give nutrients to the body with those that do you are forming a long lasting habit of effortless weight-loss. Plus saving all that money for the new things you can do. Isn’t that a lot better? I think so.

I am not saying everyone has to go get a personal trainer and eat lettuce all day long, what I am saying is that with an abundance of activities available these days and healthy alternatives it is a shame that we are a Nation plagued with obesity, especially children. Those that suffer the most because grow-ups do not want to take responsibility or just plain do not want to say no.  Lead by example, I can say it becasue my son is a picky eater. Yes he loves pizza, pasta, bagels, and sweets. I hardly eat any of those items, but that did not happen overnight either, I struggled with bulimia and anorexia in college and got to the point where I could not eat anything my body just started rejecting food. The doctor prescribed Prevacid. Yes, good old heartburn and indigestion. So instead of continuing to poison my body I slowly started to change the way I ate (I already was exercising – though it was an solid reason to eat anything I want and get away with it). What I found is that once your body gets a taste of fresh and healthy foods it stops craving junk, sweets, salt, and fat. You feel lighter and have so much more energy. Going back to my son, it took time but slowly he himself goes for carrots and bananas, he checks the food labels for sugar and helps me find better options ( he is learning to take the lead to be a healthy person). Did you know that there are sugar, artificial coloring free Twizzlers? They are all natural. He loves it too. Plus he eats brown rice pasta – something I took the lead on. It just tastes like regular wheat pasta and he loves it and he gets the grains that are good for him. I make pizza at home so he eats it with brown rice, almond, or other whole grain flour. Plus fresh tomato sauce with basil, onions and garlic – sneaky ways of getting in the stuff I know he does not eat. So there are many ways but yes you have to work at it.

In my personal experience it comes down not only to food or exercise but rather changing how we think and ultimately changing what we call unwinding (eating ice cream or a piece of fruit) , living (going to a party and drinking to much – wow that was fun I was throwing up the whole night and could not remember where I parked the car or going to a party and making new friends and enjoying the company), and celebrating (celebrate with new outfit or massage rather then piece of cake and eating yourself into a food coma).

So set your goals, even if everyone else around you thinks you are ok – are you happy with being ok? Or still dreaming in silence about loosing those last 5 lbs or maybe your blood sugar is borderline but really that does not mean one is diabetic, right? Think about that one again. Set your goals, reach for the best, and enjoy it to the fullest.

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