MTRW Of The Day | Firm Glutes

Hi guys, Free2BFitGlutes

It sure has been a long time. But I have not forgot about you and with summer coming who would not want a pair of firm glutes. So here it is:


Do this routine 2-3 days a week, on non-consecutive days. Remember it takes 6-8 weeks for neurological changes to take place but you will start seeing results within 4 weeks. Glutes are very stubborn so the best way to attack them is by being stubborn yourself, your are totally worth it and will have a chance to show off you hard work on the beach, with summer just around the corner.

Superset 1:

  • Squat + leg kick
  • Bench jump overs

Superset 2:

  • Dead lift
  • Jump forward touch the floor jump back touch the floor

Superset 3:

  • Alternating forward lunges
  • One leg mountain climbers

Superset 4:

  • Alternating backward lunges with glute squeeze
  • Butt kicks

Superset 5:

  • Squat side kick
  • Pendulum

 Superset 6:

  • Prone glute squeeze
  • Plié jumps


Hope you enjoy it. No breaks while doing exercises in a superset and whenever possible minimize rest between supersets.



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