MTRW Of The Day | 1000 Rep Challenge

ellf logo large figures 2012-01-24Happy Easter guys.

Did not have a post yesterday so using today as a chance for belated Easter Celebration. Well, I am Russian Orthodox  so my Easter is not until May 5th.

Here is Free2BFit Lean Mass Assault class looked like this Saturday.

Workout breakdown | 2 dumbbells | 1 KB | 100 reps | no breaks | timed

  1. Mountain climbers
  2. Stationary squat with punches | 2 dumbells
  3. 3 point plank to 3 legged downward facing dig | switch legs when you up to down dog
  4. X pattern jumps
  5. Stationary squat + Around the world with KB
  6. Side lunge + hoop jump
  7. Criss-cross abs
  8. Forward lunge + KB pass under
  9. Pendulum legs
  10. Lunge back + shoulder press


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