Pilo-Yoga | 90 Day Challenge | Week 2

MTRW Of The Day Hi guys,

I would say that I am so glad with the new Pilo-Yoga 90 Day Challenge. My weight stopped going up and my abs starting to show up and without 60 min crazy cardio at level 18 on StairMaster. And that is just after two week. I apologize for being a bit slow on uploading the videos, working hard on making Live WebCam Classes a reality. Making sure you can join me starting mid May for a live webcam interactive workout no matter where you live or how hectic your lifestyle is so you can get in the best shape of your life. And if you miss any there will be a library of videos for your convenience.

Plus, my elbow is finally starting to heal and I did triceps push ups this weekend. While just not long ago I could not even bend it. I used rehab exercises as part of the Pilo-Yoga 90 Day Challenge, iced my elbow after working out (click here for a really comfortable Universal Hot and Cold Therapy wrap), and used my miracle Ayurvedic creams (click here to see what I used).

Here is my Pilo-Yoga 90 Day Challenge Stats Update:

PYC Day 1 PYC Today
Weight 152.5 150
Hips 39.5 39
Thighs 23.5 23
Bi’s L/11.5 | R/12.5 L/11 | R/12
Ankles 14.5 14
Waste 27.5 27

So we are on track and making great progress. Until next time.


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