Pilo-Yoga | 90 Day Challenge | Day 5

Hi guys,

We are in day 5 of our 90 Day Pilo-Yoga Challenge.  We also have a new addition to our recipe collection: Coconut, Currants, Almonds and Flax Granola Treat  and you can use it as a snack, breakfast cereal or parfait.

And this time you get a bonus core ball workout. What a treat.

And here is your Pilo-Yoga Workout for today:

Workout Breakdown | 3 rounds x 12 reps per side

  • Vinyasa Warm-up
  • Warrior II Leg Burn
  • Reverse Warrior with Reach
  • High Lunge to Standing Splits
  • Standing Splits
  • ITB Stretch
  • Bonus: Core ball ab and leg sculpting work | see video for detailed breakdown


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