Pilo-Yoga | 90 Day Challenge | Day 9

HI guys,

I am feeling stronger and progressing with my push-ups and even started to slowly incorporate my MTRW’s back into the training (check out MTRW Of The DAY | 4 Min Tabata Burn). I am taking it in strides so I do not over training. Of course now we know we still have plenty of options for our workout even when we are injured so we can rehab and still stay in shape. That is what our 90 Day Pilo-Yoga Challenge  workouts are all about.

For today you will need a dumbbell ( click here to get a great dumbbell set with stand) and here is your training for today:

Workout breakdown: 3 rounds x 15 reps

  • Pil-Yoga eagle
  • Gate with leg abduction + lateral shoulder raise | dumbbell
  • Side lunge + warrior 3 | dumbbell
  • Chair + shoulder raise | dumbbell
  • Tri’s extension + lunge back | dumbbell

If you are just joining us, here are the links to all the Pilo-Yoga challenge days:

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