Pilo-Yoga | Vinyasa 101

Hi guys,

By popular demand we are bringing to you Pilo-Yoga | 101 Series. I remember way back when I took  my first yoga class and the instructor told us to root our self in the ground. I was like – is she serious. What does that mean and how do I get there, and I know my things are thick 🙂 but seriously no reason to call me a tree. I was offended to say the least.

Plus, you know many of us complain about lower back or wrist pain when we are in plank or down dog. Or even wonder how exactly should it feel, am I doing it right, and the list goes on and on. So no more worries this series are designed to emerge you into all things Pilates and Yoga. With this videos you will get to know the lingo and will not just tick of another yoga class of you card but finally know where and how it should feel or how to make pose more challenging or modify it when you have injury, or you are senior, or pregnant. Of course all this does not happen over night, a lot of training and teaching but you can have it all just by following the video and through your practice. Also, do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions or would like  a breakdown for a specific pose. I will feature it in the Pilo-Yoga 101 Series so you do not have to guess any more.

And the first one in in our series is Vinyasa 101:

If you are just joining us, here are the links to all the Pilo-Yoga challenge days:

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