Pilo-Yoga | 90 Day Challenge | Day 18

Hi guys,

Hope your week is going great. I have been really busy but glad that I have time to keep up with posts. We got great news with me being able to record POP Nutrition meals and you can not just see picture but join me in the kitchen where it all happens. I will say I am a messy chef ūüôā cannot help it being like that all my life. I also come up with new recipes even when I write them down I might change it half way though cooking.

Anyway, for today’s workout you will need Ugi ball and here is your workout:

Part 1 I Exercise Breakdown:

10 min | 5 exercises | 3 rounds | 10 reps

  1. Warm Up
  2. Ugi Core
  3. Plank Thrust
  4. Thigh Sculpter
  5. Plank Walk

Part 2 | In The Flow :

If you do weight I highly recommend to use this as part of your routine and see how much faster you progress and you will notice that that chronic back pain is no longer there or suddenly you can do more reps or the weight your are working are no longer challenging.

Also do not forget to try out our new additions to the POP Menu:

Veg & Steak Tortillas with Fresh Spicy Guacamole  or Exotic Seafood Stew.

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