MTRW | Bikini Prep Cofee Talk

Hi guys,

No more self pity join me in my quest to get back myEssefit Bikini Prep bikini competition body after suffering a lot of injuries all while juggling a child, work, family, big ego telling me I could do advanced and I am too good to go back to basics, and my love of food. So if you are up for a workout that is challenging (kettlebells, clubbells, sandbag, TRX)  so you can look and feel your best, and if love artisan fit meals then subscribe to FreeToBeFit (Youtube) and this blog

I know it will not be easy because I will not be able to cheat, I will be up against my most hardest opponent – nature and genetics. I will have to work really hard without getting corners since I will not be able to take any supplements, protein powder, BCAAs, and nutrient timing will be of big importation.

Have a great day!


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