Bikini Prep | MTRW 2

Hi guys,

I am getting ready for spring Bikini competition so check out the post MTRW | Bikini Prep Cofee Talk to get the scoop on the effort. Today is the second workout in the series. Bikini Prep workouts consists of three parts for 3 days out of the week on the other days I am doing Pilo-Yoga, hiking, and now that it is not raining I can use my Aerial RigAnd here is you Bikini Prep | MTRW 2:

Part 1 : 90 Day Pilo-Yoga Challenge | Day 23

Part 2 : Bikini Prep | MTRW 2

  • AMREP | 4 rounds | 3 exercise | 2 min work x 30 sec rest
  • Exercise Breakdown
  • Workout Flow

Part 3 : MTRW Focus | Lean Thighs

Have a great day!


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