www.essefit.com Technical Difficultie

Hi guys,
I am moving my blog to BlueHost to be able to expand blog capabilities still staying with WP just moving host and domain name registrar. Somehow it did not transfer my files and you are just getting a page that is not loading any content. I am working on it and hoping to resolve soon, already have the Pilo-Yoga and MTRW videos just waiting for this technical issue to resolve.

In the meantime I will still be uploading content into YouTube account so you get the latest videos and do not miss your workouts and pop nutrition meals. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/user/FreeToBeFit.

Until Next Time.

Esse Libere Fitness – Free To Be Fit.


One thought on “www.essefit.com Technical Difficultie

  1. Looks like it is back up and running I wonder what happened since this is still my previous layout. I am so over my head with the WP move no matter how many post about it I read I am still not sure what to do. I wish this was easier. 🙂