Bikini Prep | MTRW 5

Hi guys,

I am still trying to wrap my brains on how to move my blog to Bluehost from WP. It is still with WordPress CMS but I want to host it on Bluehost. I am keeping the same domain too. But no matter how many posts about it I read I still cannot get it. It is like I am reading it in a different language. I just do not get it. I lost touch with inner IT geek and I used to do this for living and now that I have not done hand-on work in a few years it is amazing how far behind I fell and how fast. So if any one know how to do it your help is appreciated. 

And now here is your workout for today:

Part 1 : 90 Day Pilo-Yoga Challenge | Day 25

Part 2 : Bikini Prep | MTRW 5

      • AMREP | 4 rounds | 3 exercise | 1 min work x 30 sec rest
      • Exercise Breakdown & Flow:

Part3 : MTRW Focus | Sculpted Shoulders

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