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If you have been following my posts I get bored easily and always switching things around. However, if you are looking for ways to motivate yourself and see progress in number of reps and sets then an option will be take a week of MTRWs and Pilo-Yoga stretching workouts and do those workouts for a month. You will be doing the same workout on the same day of the week. That way you can keep track of how many reps you are doing and how fast your are progressing. Then take another 5 workouts and so on. Also you can go back and do one workout every months as a benchmark. You will see your progress climbing and be more motivated to keep going. It really depends on a personal preference and switching thins up can be motivating for one person and very frustrating to the next so choose what works for you but do switch out workouts at a minimum every 3 months to prevent plateaus. And finally here is your today’s Bikini Prep workout:

Warm-up & Stretching: Pilo-Yoga | 90 Day Challenge | Day 26

Bikini Prep:  MTRW 7

      • AMREP  | 15 mi | | 3 exercise
      • Exercise Breakdown & Flow: 10 hanging leg raises | 20 rolling planks | 30 Jump Thrusts:

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