Bikini Prep | MTRW #8 | Feel The Burn

Hi guys,

I am starting to feel stronger and although my elbow still bothering me a bit I have a little breakthrough and was able to run 6 laps last week. I did a lap then chin-ups and hanging leg raises ( max effort) and repeated that  for 6 rounds. Felt grate. I really miss running a lot but even those 6 laps was amazing short and sweat but it is just a tip of an iceberg and if I keep working on my ankle mobility I am truly convinced I will be able to go for my 2 hr runs as I used too. I miss them so so much. And here is you workout for today:

Warm-up: Pilo-Yoga | 90 Day Challenge | Day 27

Bikini Prep: MTRW # 7 | Feel The Burn

    • 15 min | AMREP | 25 KB swings | 50 pop-up squats | 25 crabby-pates
    • Workout breakdown and flow:

If you feel that time is too much pressure and you sacrifice the form just set a goal of doing 3 or 4 rounds that way you still have a great workout just minimize your breaks to get the best benefit. Do one rounds take 1-2 min break then repeat. If your legs really burn stop for 4-5 sec to get rid of the lactic acid build-up and then get right back to it.

Have a great weekend and check out my latest addition to the POP Nutrition recipe box: 6 Pack Abs Meals | Savory Kale with Turkey and Couscous.



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