Bikini Competition Prep | MTRW 13 | Work It Out

Hi guys,

Hope your Wednesday is going great and you are seeing progress. Today’s workout will be all about your body weight and core. So get ready. You will need a BOSU if you do not have one click on the link below if would like to get it – it  is definitively a great and inexpensive way to take your workouts to a new level:

Ans here is you today’s Bikini Competition Prep | MTRW 13 | Work It Out WOD breakdown:

Warm-up: Pilo-Yoga | 90 Day Challenge | Day 21

Bikini Prep:  MTRW 13 | Work It Out

      • 2 rounds | 7 exercises | for time
      • Exercises:
        • 50 cross body toe touches
        • 30 spider push ups
        • 50 single leg squat toe touch
        • 30 snowboarders
        • 50 BOSU mountain climber
        • 30 forward jumps
        • 50 burpees
      • Workout breakdown and work:

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