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Hi guys,

Elbow tendonitis comes at high price and definitely loss of upper body strength so today I am heading back to my aerial rig, even though  very frustrating to face the fact that I have to start from zero and train very hard and long to get where I used to be and with my elbow still giving me gruff this is certainly not just physical but very mental battle so I do not give up or over do it and go back to not being able to use it at all.

And here is you today’s Bikini Competition Prep | MTRW 16 | AirFit WOD breakdown:

Warm-up: Pilo-Yoga | 90 Day Challenge | Day 33

Bikini Competition Prep: MTRW 16 | AirFit

        • 4 rounds | 3 supersets | 6 exercises | 20 reps each
        • Exercises:
          • Superset 1:
            • Squat jumps
            • Ab Roll Out
          • Superset 2:
            • Pike
            • Jumping Pull-ups
          • Superset 3:
            • Reverse sit-ups
            • Hanging leg raises
        • Workout breakdown and work:

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