Taking A Shortcut

OIMG_3072n my drive to work the other day I witness a typical rush hour story…everyone rushing in to work…trying to make red light…honking at the texting driver…Nothing special. What caught my eye was a car on my  right. Let call that car  Slick, the car that got cut off Patience, and SlowMo is our quintessential taking your sweet time I have no where to be high on life kind of driver.

So here it is – a 3 lane road. Slick is in the right lane. Patience in the middle lane and has his right turn signal on. Slick speeds up to not let Patience get into his lane since he got SloMo in front.  Slick feels great and switches lanes to come into the center lane by cutting off Patience.  Just to find out there is another SlowMo in front.  Slick does not not want to be stuck behind SlowMo and that he fixes switfly with a foot on the pedal and another lane switch.  Now Slick really needs to take right turn but Slick is in the far left lane. Slick quickly switches to the right and to the right again and to my surprise he is behind Patience. By the way that all happens within one city block. So just so you know the distance.

I know, I know where am I going with this. Well this is where – that moment I though how many times we take shortcuts because we do not want to wait, because we do not want to be inconvenienced, because we are just too important or plain upset at anther driver who just cut us off.  And the thing is we just end up going back to where we still have to do what we fought not to do in the first place. And that makes me wonder how much more we can accomplish and how much more time we can have  if we just be patient and instead of taking “shortcuts”.

Patience: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

Joy and peace be multiplied to you, your family, and everyone you come in contact every day.