POP Nutrition | How to eat healthy through out the week (Plus 4 QUICK ways to sneak your veggies in)

I know first hand how hard it is to plan for the week ahead while juggling full time work, kids, family, and school and etc. And I forgot  some  me time. So in this article you will get tips on how to make it happen so you can save time, money, and keep your six packs or get some.  The main things it to get your shopping done and stick to the plan.  I get my groceries out of the way and I cook twice or once a week depending on my schedule and pick two-three dishes for each of the categories:

That way it is all set and ready and I only pick it up from the fridge, warm up, and eat. But there are also trick if you are even more so short on time. For example, when I made spaghetti squash I cook leftovers  with my eggs. So not only I saved time and do not have to figure out what to eat at 4:15 a.m. but I also boost my vegetables intake and already have a hands up on my veggies that early in the day.

Not sure how to add those pesky veggies, here are 4 EASY WAYS to add your fiber to your meals without adding extra prep time:

  1. Add them to your eggs like I did in my Egg and Spaghetti Power Breakfast. Also, have your broccoli, asparagus, and spaghetti squash steamed or cooked ahead of time and add them whenever making eggs or egg muffins.
  2. Load your soup with x-tra vegetable. Sneak in some spinach by adding it before serving soup. Try it with Lean and Mean Autumn Power Up Soup). It was cooked from the heat and I got an x-tra boost of Popeye super food.
  3. Cook your grains like rice, couscous, and quinoa with your veges. Check out an easy green booster with my Savory Kale with Turkey and Couscous. You can also add corn, peas, kale, carrots while cooking and save time.
  4. Use beans, squash, zucchini, and carrots in your baking. Treat yourself with my Guilt Free Chocoholic Brownies where I used a secret ingredient. Do you know what it might be? Click here to find out.

Svetlana “Free2BFit360”

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