POPN Paleo | Soy Sauce Substitute

Asian food is full of flavors. Whenever you bite into Korean beef or Shrimp Dumplings or Pad Thai intense spice rainbow essence hit your senses right away. One thing through is hard for my body to process is high-sodium. I get bloated and fatigue hits me like there is no tomorrow. POPN Paleo | Soy Sauce Substitute

I remember my dad telling me story when he went to Thailand and ordered something from the menu. He did not speak any Thai so just pointed to the picture. The waiter came back several times to make sure that my dad really wants it. You would think one will change their mind. But, my dad being a lover of adventure stuck to his choice. Little did he know what was coming. Let me know tell, my dad is not stranger to salt and can stand up to hot food but this one topped it all. Both hot and salty to the XTREME squared. That was not by any means the best representation of Thai food. We definitely tried a lot of fine and tasty dishes but I though this was really funny. Always makes me smile when I think about it.

Getting back to soy sauce….I was thinking of other ways to get similar taste. I say similar because I do believe no matter how hard one tries it will be a substitute but as long as it satisfies by craving I am happy. I search the web for the art of the possible and found a recipe with chicken bullion cubes but they are high in sodium as well. I pondered for a substitute and tamarind concentrate was the winning ingredient. I used this recipe as my inspiration but added and subbed a few things of my own.


Cooking Steps:

In a pan combine all ingredients but stock. Simmer on low heat for 5 min then fold in stock. Bring to a boil then reduce heat and simmer on low until the liquid reduced in size to a cup. Make sure to stir periodically. If you used fresh onion and garlic let the sauce cool down and use a blender to process the sauce to a smooth consistency. You can substitute 1/2 cup of stock with orange or lemon juice and make it citrus flavored soy sauce substitute. Will be a great addition to your Beef stir fry or Asian Chicken saute. Enjoy!

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