MTRW | Free2BFit360 Lean Symmetry Blueprint | Back, Chest and Abs

Hi guys,

I signed up for the challenge and started tracking my workouts there. I would say that organizing my workouts makes me feel accountable. I also started printing my workout logs which makes me want to check everything off the list since my type A personality would not let me do anything less then 🙂

One downside is that for some reason tracking on the site is really hard, the site lags a lot and I spend most of my time staring at the screen while it is fetching the data, I also tried my iPad and iPhone but no luck there either. Site response is too slow and I get frustrated about wasting time. I think it is my internet connection but I also know that after awhile I will just give up, so instead of giving up, I am going to post my workouts here and then post a link on bodybuilding site. That way I am still accountable and I love using their templates for inspiration and member support to keep me going.

Here is my 3 month  Free2BFit360 Lean Symmetry Blueprint which is based on Arnold Blueprint with one major difference, it is focused on developing symmetry in your body. Do not get me wrong, bi-lateral compound movements are great, however, if you hit a plateau or have existing muscle imbalance, what is the point for doing the same thing over an over and expecting to see results or difference. Rather face the truth and take care of. You will be amazed at your gains or losses (depending what your goal is). The beauty of this program is that it can be tailored easily for anyone from beginner to advanced just based on how much weight you can lift:

  • 3 Phases | 4 weeks each phase | 2 days per muscle group
  • Week 1-4 Workload breakdown:
    • Back, Chest and Abs
    • Shoulders and Arms
    • Legs and Abs

So today’s workout is Free2BFit360 Lean Symmetry Blueprint | Phase 1 | Week 1-4 | Back, Chest and Abs. Click this link to download your template with filled reps, sets, and timer options.

Free2BFit360-Symmetry-Blueprint-Phase-1-Week-1-4-Back-Chest-AbsIf you do not have a timer, I used GYMBOSS. I had mine for 4 years and it still works.
Gymboss Interval Timers
Svetlana “Free2BFit360”


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