Free2BFit360 Inspiration | Romans 8:28-30


We as humans are very material being. And I do not mean material as to the fact that we like money, presents, houses, vacations, and etc. Not that at all. But rather we tend to trust something that we at least can see at a minimum or even better something that we can touch and feel and take with us.

Thus when hardship strikes and we have to dig deeper into our faith we naturally tend to grip to whatever physical we have no matter if we even like it or not we still cling and hang on. And I will be the last one to say that I do not.

However, over the years I noticed that I let go of somethings not all though. The hardest one are concerned about those we love the most.

Prayer: My Lord, I want to live out my testimony and walk victorious through life giving you glory rather then be a mere witness of your grace. I ask you to help me be more susceptible to the subtle callings of the Holy Spirit today, tomorrow, and forever. Amen.

Inspired by Daily Devotions by Charles Stanley.

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