Free2BFit360 WOD | MTRW #27 | Glutes, Legs, and Thighs

I know it has been a while since I posted my workouts. But I also have been having a lot of health issues but finally it took a tern for the better and I can workout again. I have changed my nutritional 80 10 10approach to a modified 80/10/10 diet for the last 4 months. Overall I follow 80/10/10, Alkaline Diet, The Plan, RawTill4, Gluten Free and Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) blend of nutritional recommendations.  My daily intake mostly is based on 80/10/10 where 80% of nutrients and calories come from fruit. That said, I am still figuring thing out to see what works since it seems I am better with some parts of guidelines then others. So it is work in progress.

The reason for drastic change is that after 3 three years of constant pain I was so desperate to even not only consider going vegan abut also actually give it a go. I would say that I felt better almost immediately. Within  a week or so pain was mostly gone. Also, I felt great and upbeat overall. I stopped being bloating, The Plandebilitating cramps during my period are gone, and overall I am feeling happier. My skin got better and less irritated around my mouth where I almost always had some form of allergic reaction, plus my mysterious skin itchy sensitivity was gone (that seems to relate to gluten, I tried a few things to see and yes I was correct).

You might ask if it was easy. I will say much easier then I thought. But I did slip up a few times since I am a carnivore at heart.So durian those times I stuck to Paleo Autoimmune Protocol guidance. Overall, I ate some type of animal protein (organic grass fed beef, eggs, and chicken, and wild seafood) may be 6 times but I would say I felt really tired and heavy the next three days at least 4 out 6 times. I also noticed that I felt worse if the protein was combined with starchy carbs (potatoes or rice) then when I had just eggs with spaghetti squash. I did diary twice once cheese (grass fed organic cows cheese) did not go so well and once with milk in traditional Russian rice porridge (went pretty well and it had ghee too). But in all times I felt less motivated to workout and more tired. The difference came done to the level of fatigue, muscle tightness,  bloating, and mood swings, and I the time when I had it close together I was a bit more snappy then usual.

Also, I will not lie I was hoping for more weight loss (I lost only 10lb in the first month and now my weight has been the same ruffly plus or minus 2 lb.) but I am extremely happy that I am able to move again with no pain and have been able to workout consistently for the last 60 days and the pain has not come back. Where in the past I will be in pain after any form of exercises. I also I do not feel tight after working out. Before, no matter how long I stretched I would be pretty tight but no more.

I think the only thing that kept and keeps me going is that I am feeling happier, stronger, and pain free; otherwise, I know I would have given up. It has been really low times where my body just gave out and that was very devastating for someone who lives and breaths fitness and working out. And if being healthy and happy currently requires for me to be Vegan I will say I am sticking it out. I also know that bodies change and heal so I do not know if I will have to be vegan for my whole life but at least for now I have the grace to keep going and then when time comes for a change all I can ask is for more grace to recognize it early so I can keep moving and stay healthy for my family and self.

Anyway, I will be making a separate post about what I eat and books I used that I though were a great stepping stones in making this transition happen.

Free2BFit360 WOD | MTRW #27 {Glutes, Legs, and Thighs}

Recommended Equipment:

Set up your Gymboss Timer for 8 rounds 15 sec rest x 45 sec work

Superset #1 | 4 rounds

Superset #2 | 4 rounds

Superset #3 | 4 rounds

Superset #5 | 4 rounds

Superset #5 | 4 rounds

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