Free2BFit360 WOD | MTRW #28 | Washboard Abs

Workout breakdown: 10 exercises x 3 rounds

Set up your Gymboss Timer for 30 rounds: 15 sec rest x 60 sec work.

  1. Equalizer knee tucks
  2. Side Plank with elbow to knee | Left Leg
  3. Crabby Patty
  4. Side Plank with elbow to knee | Right Leg
  5. UGI ball wood chop| Left leg
  6. Hanging leg raises
  7. UGI ball wood chop| Right leg
  8. AB Wheel roll out
  9. UGI ball Russian Twist
  10. Plank + knee to opposite elbow

Bonus Cardio-Strength Burnout:

  • 5 min competition burpees between the rounds

Recommended Equipment:

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