Free2BFit360 Inspiration | Philippians 3:14


Goals is the focus lens we need to make our dream a reality. Without clear picture we get lost like sheep without a Sheppard. Wondering around and following the winds of the world looking happy and put together on the outside but dead on the inside.
It only comes out when we are alone, in the dark of our own conscious, nagging and bringing us down. Telling us we cannot change our genes, we cannot change who we are, we cannot do this and that. Never giving us hope always taking the last bit left away. Telling us we are ok where were are we should be grateful. Tricking us to not follow God’s plan for our life. To be happy and content. But how can you when you know that you know that you know that is out there deep down inside you, piled under years of self loathings, condemnation, and regret lies a dream. A dream of showing the world who you are, of not being afraid of that person or someone who is greater then great.
You might say yes, that works for others, or I tried and it did not work for me or I am not going to make myslef look silly and stupid, that was child play. And in the meantime, you tired, worn out, getting sick and loosing last hope, and getting up int eh am is so hard that snoozing a few times is a norm. A norm that years ago was not one, when there was time when you woke up with owe and looked towards a bright new day full of adventure or even if you had a hard childhood you still hold out hope that this is not the norm and one day, one day you will get your chance. While years went by and hardship kicked you down, so was you hope, kicked in the gut, dumped and left behind, dried up like a warm after the rain in the sun. Now a shell of a man you roam the world. Is that a life or hell on earth.

Prayer: My Lord make me turn to you in times of trouble and rely upon your holy grace that is the fountain of strength and power, that which renews us every day.

Verse Source:
Svetlana “Free2BFit360”