Free2BFit360 30 Day VLog Challenge | Impact of diet on glucose and cholesterol | Day 14 Update + Weekly Meal Plan #2

Hi guys,
I know it might seem weird but I decided to switch to Whole30. The reason being is that I have been tired and lacking energy to do daily chores. Plus I have been issues with IBS and overall just not feeling well. It took me awhile to face it. I did not want to feel like a failure and also with the 30 Day VLog challenge I feel that I am fraud.

But after some soul searching and research I realized it is better to admit that something is not quite working (for me specifically it is cutting our meat/poultry/seafood) then pretending that all is peachy.

Moreover, I did more reach and the truth is I do have high sugar levels and I do have PCOS and Fibroid and eating so much fruit so far left me less energetic. I also went back to the Dr. Fuhrman book (The End of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.) and even he said it is OK to include meat in moderation.

I realized that I am still going to be able to stick to the book guidance which is great. And when I went online I saw Whole30 and surprisingly it was exactly what I planned to do.

The thing is, I talked to my husband (I kept talking and talking and bringing up endless possibilities and if’s and buts but I am glad my husband is so patient and kept listing in spite of me being very difficult and that puts it mildly) and we though that the best thing is to cut out diary and grain.

We originally though that lets just do no dairy for 30 days and if there is no change then cut out grain. But I have not been eating much of dairy (may be twice a month a bit of cheese) so we went ahead and said no grain and no dairy for 30 days but introduce some meat in my diet. If after 30 days still no improvement at least on my energy levels then I will go with Paleo Autoimmune Protocol and cut out nightshades. But keeping my fingers crossed that I do not have to do it.

With me switching to Paleo Whole30 for the 30 Day VLog Challenge, I put together Week #2 plan. You can also click on the links to get the recipe. Overall, I am concentrating on carbs around my workouts and snacking on fruit to keep my energy levels up. However, with the Paleo addition I am eating meat and poultry, fish and eggs but no grain and no dairy.

So here what I cooked up for meal and if you scroll down you will see week plan overview for easy reference:



  • Flaxberry Picker Upper Smoothy
  • Banana Strawberry Love (1/2 lb. frozen Strawberries + 2 Banana + Coconut H2O)
  • Greenie Smoothie (Babe Kale + Banana + Raspberries + Coconut H2O)




  • For snacks I am sticking with nuts and fruit so I do not have sweet tooth cravings.

Here is an eagle eye view of how the entire week looks like:

Free2BFit360 Weekly Meal Planner 2

I cook on Friday night or Saturday so Sunday is free family day and we can do what we want.. It is totally worth it. If I need to marinade anything I do it a night before so the flavors come together nicely and use Cast-Iron Dutch Oven or Crock-Pot. Those make my life so much easier and speed up the process all you have to do is chop your veggies.

When, the original recipe called for grain omit it. I did not think there was a need to make another post since I used the same recipe just without the rice.

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Svetlana “Free2BFit360”