Free2BFit360 | 30 Day VLog Challenge | Impact of diet on glucose and cholesterol | Day 16 + MTRW #37

Hi guys,

A new day a new prospective that things are not as they seem, I think ever. I had a flare up, my knees are hurting after yesterday run. So so much for the Whole30. But I am not giving up. I will cut out red meat for now and see how I feel and will slowly cut other meat/poultry/seafood items as needed.

The good thing is that I have a lot of energy today so I will put it to good use during leg workout. So tune in for Day 16 updates and see workout breakdown and exercise demos:

Here is today’s workout: MTRW #37 | Legs and Glutes

Recommended Equipment: T-Grip BarGymboss timer

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TGRIP SETGymboss Interval Timers

Sets and Reps: 4 Sets X 25 Reps each exercise | 1 min break between supersets

Superset 1:

  • Lying decline bench dumbell leg curl
  • Lateral T-grip squat

Superset 2:

  • Step-up (R) + step back | 2 X 10 lb. plates
  • Step-up (L) + step back | 2 X 10 lb. plates

Superset 3:

  • T-Grip Romanian deadlift + Reverse lunge
  • Deep side-to-side body weight squat

Superset 4:

Superset 5:

  • T-Grip resistance band kick-back (L)
  • T-Grip resistance band kick-back (R)

You can also click here to download and print your MTRW 37 workout template so you can track your progress and take it to the gym for easy reference.

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