Free2BFit360 Inspiration| James 1:6

Today, I am looking at James 1:6 and using material from OSFUSA and Bible Gateaway:


Meaning Examination:


  • allegiance
  • fidelity to one’s promises
  • sincerity of intentions
  • belief and trust in and loyalty to God
  • firm belief in something for which there is no proof
  • complete trust
  • something that is believed especially with strong conviction
  • without question


  • fear
  • suspect
  • to be in doubt about
  • to lack confidence in : distrust
  • to consider unlikely
  • to be uncertain


  • to throw
  • to move or lift quickly or suddenly
  • to move back and forth or up and down


  • any sweeping and destructive force
  • a trend, tendency, or force  


While I continue to examine James 1 we are faced with even more proof that no child like faith is the pillar of any success in the life of a Christian. It is exactly what I think most of us lack. We would like to have this and deep down we think we deserve it but world and past experiences keep us from having heaven on earth. I think it is precisely God’s plan what is speaking to us from the depths of our soul but fear, lack of trust and suspicion keeps us double-minded. All those emotions throws us into the depths of the emotional turmoil just like the deep dark depths of the sea.

Did you know that one of the sea synonyms is briny deep? And I do not know about you but when I think briny deep I think a lot of marinating and transforming just like a pickle. It almost gives you time to think and shows you that you have to grow in your faith and stand strong so you can not only come up for air but sore high up into the sky.

Dictionary sources used:


Prayer: My Lord help me keep my eyes upon your face during the times of trial and urge me to go back to your promises and back to reading your word that is full of power so I can draw upon your strength and keep my faith unwavering in midst of storms.

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