POP Nutrition | Weekly Meal Prep #2

Hi guys,

I get a lot of messages on what I eat to control PCOS, Fibroids, and Joint pain symptoms: weight gain, bloating, fatigue, and etc.

The good thing I think you already know the basics:

  • Drink your water
  • Exercises
  • Eliminate processed foods as much as you can
  • Do not skip meals
  • Eat whole foods
  • Veggies, veggies, veggies, oh did I say veggies
  • Stick to one ingredient carb options (sweet potatoes, potatoes, rice, quinoa)
  • Eat at regular 3-4 hour intervals

The trick is to take accountability for cooking and sticking up for your self during social gatherings. I bring a dish to family holiday parties so I know I have an option and make sure to not skip meals before the party so I am not starving.

Also, be kind to yourself, I had to learn this one first hand. With my 2 back-to-back miscarriages I gained 25lb. But it was more attributed to me worrying and yes I ate a little too much bread and such. I can beat myslef up (which I did) but then I had to stop since that did not get me anywhere rather made me eat more.

I am also not good with cutting food groups or dieting since I tend to binge eat if I cut any calories out. I can last a weeks or even a month just later to re-bound really hard and gain all the weight back. Which means I had to learn to listen and be patient and yes that meant some intermittent weight gain to heal.

And getting back to the main reason of this post is to share what I eat this days. I started with a bunch of meals that I wrote out (ok 12 to be exact) and then after failing to make 12 dishes realize that I did not have that much time to spend cooking and I also got frustrated.

So instead of being overwhelmed, I make 2 main dishes, a side and if I am up to it a dessert/snack dish. That way I have food prepared for the week if I am busy and if I feel like it I can make soothing additional during the week if time permits. I also have lot’s of staples on hand:

  • shrimp
  • frozen veggies (broccoli, peppers, pees, and etc.)
  • fresh salad
  • avocado
  • fresh quick cooking veggies (asparagus, carrots, and etc.)
  • fruit (bananas, apples, grapes)
  • dried fruit (dates, mangoes, raises)
  • oatmeal (GF)
  • nuts and nut butters

So here is what I have for this week as meal prep (click on the title to get the recipe):

Main Dish #1: Winter Chicken and Veggies Saute {Meals in 30 Min}


Main Dish #2: Brown Rice Pasta Swirls with Beef and Brussels Sprouts

Brown Rice Pasta Swirls with Beef and Brussels Sprouts

Side Dish: Spaghetti Squash Sidekick

Spaghetti Squash Sidekick 7

Dessert/Snack: ChocoCoco Delight

ChocoCoco Delight

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