Welcome to my blog. Here I share my recipes and workouts. The goal is not just looking good {although I would be lying if I say that I do not want to look my best} but my focus in on having the best optimal health while looking your best as well. So quality of life is very important to me and should come hand in hand with how you feel and look. So Free2BFit360  was founded on the belief that exercise and nutritional nurturing helps us live happier, healthier, and fuller lives. Training and healthy lifestyle is my passion and drives everything I create and do. EsseFit Body Transforamtion before after

The reason is that I struggled with bulimia in my tens and early twenties. Then had my son at 22 and gained 85 lb. I was devastated, I went from looking and feeling like a 22 year old to an old person who was lost and ashamed of who she was.

When my son was 1 year old I went back to work and stared working out again. I ate healthy based on what the doctors told me. I counted my calories through the week and relaxed on birthdays. I lost most of the weight over 7 year’s. But I came to realize I wanted to not only to loose weight but be toned and lean.

That lead me to sign up for the OCB competition in 2011. I started my diet and training on January 1, 20011. In two months transformation was amazing.

I felt like a billion bucks. I competed and got placed 2nd in the Fitness Model Division. I was very mad to get placed 6th in Bikini only because of my tan. When I spoke to the judge they said my tan was really bad and made me look green and actually took away from my physique due to stick and dark and light patches. So if you are competing make sure to test drive the company’s spray tan. That tanning solution did not sit well with me or rather on me. Next time I did it I tanned the nigh before, let is soak in and then washed in the am. I did it a month out so if the solution was not fitting my skin tone and texture I had time to find what I want. What a wonder that made.

Unfortunately, after the prep my both knees got really bad. ISvetlana Winslow NPC J Cutler 2012-08-25 went into rehab but the pain was bad and with only small windows of pain free workouts. But  I pushed through. I also signed up and competed again in NPC. I placed 10th in Bikini Division. Not last, half way but not what I wanted. But going in I knew I was not looking my best due to the last 4 months of not being able to train fully.

{I know I need to work on my face make up, that was too dark 🙂 }

I was so excited I got certified as a trainer and because of my personality I could not stop just there. I like anything that has to do with fitness, it fascinates me so I got enrolled and got certified in various modalities:

  • Personal Trainer (ISSA)
  • TRX Group Training Instructor License (TRX)
  • CrossFt L1 (CROSSFIT)
  • RKC Russian Kettlebell Trainer L1(RKC)
  • Tactical Combat Training L1 Instructor (TACFIT)
  • Ultimate Sandbag Trainer Certification (L.I.F.T)
  • Kickboxing II Trainer Certification (ISCA)
  • Boxing Trainer Certification (ISCA)
  • ZUMBA L1 license (Zumba)
  • Aerial Yoga Teacher Certification (Aircat)
  • 200 HR RYT certification through YogaFit
  • Pilates Mat L1 (Power Pilates)
  • Pilates Equipment Beginner/Intermediate L1 (Power Pilates)
  • Pilates Equipment Intermediate/Advanced L2 (Power Pilates)
  • Reki L1 practitioner

In the meantime my pain was getting worse and my stomach was not able to handle any supplements. All the vitamins and shakes I took made me sick, nauseous and would just come back out if I took any. My joints ached and I was getting more depressed because I was not able to train. Then I got elbow tendonitis, my sciatica was constantly inflamed, i had lower back pain, my right shoulder prevented me from doing any overhead work and so things were just getting worse and worse. Initially there was no weight gain for a while, but pain and inability to train really got to me.

I decided to do rehab again but nothing helped until I completely stopped working out and and my weight was climbing up. I could do nothing, so I did gentle yoga, foam rolling, and stretching. A year into this program I tried to workout since my joint pain seemed to be under control more or less but every time after one or two workouts the pain would come back at the same level every single time. There were times when I could go for a week or two then just to go back to not being able to do anything at all. Every time I tried to workout my joints and muscle would ache. I would say I went to acupuncturist and my right shoulder and lower back got better within just a few visits and only had flares up vs. constant pain.

That brings me to April 2015, here I was, still struggling with shoulder injury, sciatica, and knee pain that would not get better just slightly improve and I was really tight no matter how much I stretched. I was fed up with everything and was willing to try anything to just get out of depression and body aches.  So I went vegan or fruitarian to be exact.

I decided to follow 80/10/10, Alkaline Diet, The Plan, RawTill4, Gluten Free and Vegan Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) blend of nutritional recommendations.  Also, I did not use packaged foods and nothing with gums, carrageenan, silica, and etc. that is in toothpastes and other body products I realized I would get headaches and my skin was scratchy when I used them. I ate fruit throughout the day and then a vegan cooked meal in the pm.  I was able to stick to a workout regimen and never felt better. I had more energy than ever and actually got back my drive to work out where before it was pain and frustration and depression because everything I tried. Pain was gone within a week or so I can wake up easy, no cramps (during happy times of the month), no bloating, no brain fog, clear skin and depression is gone. I got my drive and desire to workout and am no longer sore or tight after working out wither so recover is way faster. I tested food (bread, meat, chicken, cheese, ketchup – all organic and Non-GMO) because I am a carnivore at heart and was still holding out hope to be able to eat it again. Sadly, I noticed energy dipped right away, I would get bloated, tired, fatigued, and muscle tightness would come back. It took about three day to get back to normal. But overall things were looking up as long as I kept my fats and protein below 10% respectively. I cannot say I lost a lot of weight like many people do, after initial 8-10 lb drop the weight loss stopped ( I know it should not be about weight but I would like to compete again and if the pain was still present I knwo I would not be able to stick to vegan lifestyle).

In July 2015, I got my blood work done. To find out IMG_8627that I am pre-diabetec with fatty liver, and higher then normal cholesterol, and that is on top of PCOS, and Fibroids, ad very tiny Schwannoma. I was crushed to say the least. Although, I do not know what would the results be if I went in April and it did explain as to why I am having trouble loosing weight as well and also clarified many of the symptoms, foggy eyesight and brain, nausea, headaches, muscle pain, and others that I had before I started following fruitarian diet.

Also, I was confused, because my result from before in 2014 and 2011 were normal as per my doctor. I  went back and checked and in 2014 my glucose was also pre-diabetic and comparing to today it actually lowered was two points higher in 2014. So if I think about it it might have been higher before I went vegan but I shall never know.

Going forward, the doctor told me to re-take my results every 3 months. I am not quite sure yet on how to move ahead. There is so much info around and much of it pointing me to the opposite direction.  What I am thinking is that all disease management plans point towards eating veggies. So I know that one is clear. I also know I have gluten sensitivity and based on my last four months of food journal when I did food tolerance testing, certain packaged and fresh products caused tightness, stiffness, bloating, indigestion, nausea, and skin itching, cravings, and severe mood swings. I also felt heavy and did not want to workout. Animal products depending on on food combination they were consumed with as well as in what amount and frequency of consumption caused similar symptoms.

So now, what? One has to have a plan. It is the focus that we need to be able to have progress.

Well, life goes on. I know I got some things right and all nutritional approaches agree on veggies as a the good guy. The trick is glucose, hormones and a few other things I have on my plate. As far as I know, there are no official long-term studies on how fruit effect diabetes. The ones that I found typically talk about grains.

That said, with no clear confirmation from long-term studies or unanimous results based on Vegan, Fruitarian, Primal, or Paleo domineering industry, I decided to stick to Whole Foods and Moderation is the Key nutritional approach with loads of veggies, grass-fed and pastured eggs, dairy, meet and poultry,  wild fish with Non-GMO & organic fruits, grain and starchy veggies in moderation along with minimally processed food.  I seem to have a deep affinity to Sriracha and TJ’s Organic Ketchup, and I do like my soymilk from Eden Garden with nothing but soy and H2O. Wondering why I decided to go with this approach? Here is why (source: http://www.antiochian.org/node/25372):
“He causes the grass to grow for the cattle,
And vegetation for the service of man,
That he may bring forth food from the earth,
And wine that makes glad the heart of man,
Oil to make his face shine,
And bread which strengthens man’s heart.”
Psalm 103 (104):14-15 (New King James version).

Svetlana “Free2BFit360”

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