Health and Wellness Quest

All natural over 83 lb  and 14 dress sizes weight-loss:

Before: 225 lb / size 16
After: 142 lb / size 2

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to God for giving me the perseverance, and to my family, my boyfriend, and friends, who believed in me, provided encouragement, and unceasing faith and support during my journey and every step of the way help me live my dream.

This website and my company ” Esse Libere FItness – Free To Be Fit” is a realization of 15 years of training; weight loss and weight gain, self-loathing, workout trials, and finally realization the void could not be substituted by a random class, workout, or diet. The answer is a healthy lifestyle and attitude. Everyone talks about it but few were able to realize it in their everyday life – life outside the gym.

That said, I am a proud mother of a wonderful 8-year old boy. I gained 85lb during pregnancy and the weight never came of. I had to workout and follow a healthy nutritional diet to loose the wight and keep it off. Finally, in 201 I decided to compete in the OCB Eastern Regional Competition in April 2011, and placed 2nd in the Fitness Model class. It was a big achievement and also a realization of how I would like to pursue my life’s dreams. After competing, I made my decision – I decided to take the next step and get certified. The reason is, that throughout my quest for personal achievement I realized that there is still a huge confusion between training facts and methodologies. Along with an overall relentless dissatisfaction in one’s physical image, a promise of a magical diet pill and a  miracle short workout that will change you forever. Dependence on appetite suppressants and energy boosters were very prominent; also frustrations about eating at home with the family were clear as day. The truth is that these issues are just coming up in fitness magazines, the lifestyle changes that have to be done to prevent ones body from going into overdrive are not always considered (no matter if you are trying to gain mass for a competition, loose weight for a wedding or for health reasons). Determined to figure it out, I enrolled and successfully completed the following certification programs/trainings:

      • Personal Trainer (ISSA)
      • TRX Group Training Instructor License (TRX)
      • CrossFit L1 (CROSSFIT)
      • RKC Russian Kettlebell Trainer L1(RKC)
      • Tactical Combat Training L1 Instructor (TACFIT)
      • Ultimate Sandbag Trainer Certification (L.I.F.T)
      • Kickboxing II Trainer Certification (ISCA)
      • Boxing Trainer Certification (ISCA)
      • ZUMBA L1 license (Zumba)
      • Aerial Yoga Teacher Certification (Aircat)
      • 200 HR RYT certification through YogaFit
      • Pilates Mat L1 (Power Pilates)
      • Pilates Equipment Beginner/Intermediate L1 (Power Pilates)
      • Pilates Equipment Intermediate/Advanced L2 (Power Pilates)
      • Reki L1 practitioner

That said, this website is a resource based on the industry research, coworkers and mentors advice, and my personal experience. It is based on a training methodology approach that I developed and successfully implemented. The methodology yields results and prevents a life of deprivation and over-training and also provides the necessary tools of practicing a healthy lifestyle outside gym. It is based on training utilizing a program that provide continuous ways to challenge our bodies along with a long-term sustainable lifestyle changes that bring vitality, strength, and vigor. Moreover, the personalization component of the approach allows EVERYONES training cycle to grow and mature while providing results that a clients was looking for but could never find.

Specifically, the tiered program design methodology consists of three inter-depended metabolic response triggers that make up the Metabolic Trigger Response Workout (MTRW®) with a continuous focus on: Flexibility & Balance, Agility & Endurance, Strength & Overload to keep clients stimulated while they achieve new levels of fitness and reach their goals. This approach is designed to continuously prevent body adaptation to training by implementing functional progressive exercises and incrementally increasing workout challenges; thus, providing continuous results, ongoing improvements, preventing plateaus, and helping anyone reach their goals.

Please feel free to browse Metabolic Training Workouts Routine library blog and Peak Optimal Performance (POP) Nutrition recipes so you too can reach your dream goal. Here you will find workouts to help you loose weight, build lean muscle, tone up for a vacation; as well as information on how to improve your flexibility through stretching, muscle flow exercises, and yoga/aerial yoga routines; and of course no health lifestyle is complete without healthy nutrition and delicious recipes – ALL FOR FREE and accessible anywhere on you PC, MAC, iPOD, Kindle.