Option 1:

3 Month Sexy, Lean and Toned Body Transformation Plan Includes

  • Exclusive Cardio – Strength workouts to blast fat sculpt chiseled sleek sexy body
  • Tested Peak Optimal Performance (POP) Nutrition plan to fuel your workout & reveal your six-pack abs
  • Proven Tips and tricks from the 85 lb fat loss transformation sensation so you can loose you weight for good!!!

Your 12 – Week Get Fit Experience will help you achieve YOUR personal Peak Metabolic Response (PMR) no matter where your are – home, office, or while traveling. You will be able to achieve your goals quicker than you ever thought possible. Your program will be designed to meet the demands of YOUR hectic schedule, YOUR nutritional needs, and YOUR personal style.


Loose Fat, Gain Confidence, & Have The Lean & Toned Body You Always Dreamed Of for only $45  – A price of one dinner.

Option 2:

Free To Be Fit Competition Prep

This package is for an inspired bikini, figure, or bodybuilding competitor and includes detailed nutrition and workouts plans with 3, 6, 9 or 12 months options*. Each plan includes:

  • Meal Plans:  All the meals and nutritional guidance will be designed to fit individual eating patterns (e.g., vegetation, lactose intolerance, vegan, and etc.). Plus all the tools you need to have a healthy lifestyle (e.g., portion and caloric intake guidance, weekly challenges, and Peak Optimal Performance (POP) recipes)
  • Competition MTRW Workouts: Training programming will be based on the signature Esse Libere Fitness Metabolic Response Trigger Workouts (MTRW™) where you will leverage you body’s Metabolic Trigger Responses (MTRs) with a continuous focus on: MTR 1 – Flexibility & Balance, MTR 2 – Agility & Endurance, MTR 3 – Strength & Overload which keep your body stimulated while you achieve new levels of fitness and reach your goals and avoid plateaus.

Our belief is that training and nutritional nurturing goes hand in hand so all training comes with nutritional guidance on how to give you the tools to build healthy, sexy, lean, toned, and confident bodies. So you get not just personal training you get a nutritional advice as well (recipes, meals, and weekly challenges). Two in one – what’s not to like 🙂

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* See company policy for refunds info. All sales are final and non-refundable and non-transferable.

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