The Esse Libere Fit Tiered Methodology consists of three inter-depended Metabolic Trigger Responses (MTRs) with a continuous focus on: MTR 1 – Flexibility & Balance, MTR 2 – Agility & Endurance, MTR 3 – Strength & Overload which keep your body stimulated while you achieve new levels of fitness and reach your goals.
The Esse Libere Fit Methodology is designed to continuously prevent body adaptation to training by implementing functional progressive exercises and incrementally increasing workout challenges; thus, providing continuous results, ongoing improvements, preventing plateaus, and helping you reach your goals.

MRT 1 – Flexibility & Balance

The primary goal of this module is to build a strong foundation:

  • Improve joint flexibility
  • Increase range of movement
  • Accelerate neuromuscular coordination
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Skyrocket Physical Performance
  • Decrease Risk of Injury

Flexibility helps balance muscle groups that might be overused during exercise and everyday physical activity. A flexible joint has the ability to move through a greater range of motion and requires less energy to do so, while greatly decreasing your risk of injury. Most professionals agree that stretching decreases resistance in tissue structures; therefore, you are less likely to become injured by exceeding tissue extensibility (maximum range of the tissue) during activity. A well-balanced and flexible body is the key to improved physical performance and fat loss.

MRT 2 – Agility & Endurance

The main goal of this module is to aid in injury prevention while improving body control through proper movement mechanics.  The agility training will allow you to perform the techniques and strategies needed for your game (golf, tennis, soccer, basketball), aid movement coordination (dancing), and improve muscle control (yoga, Pilates).
The emphasis here is on the building of appropriate pathways for the neurons in your brain. This gives you better control over your body when you are competing during your game or go on about your daily business. You learn to control your body and teach it to respond in the most efficient manner and in essence you learned to control your life.

By including this module a greater emphasis is placed on increasing cognitive skills to enhance overall physical output. Because greater demands are placed on the neuromuscular system, fat loss and strength gains continue ultimately resulting in the acquisition of skills that enhance proficiency in daily movement or fitness performance. The key component is the back-to-back agility exercises that improve coordination and build endurance while under a certain amount of fatigue.

MRT 3 – Strength  & Overload

It seems intuitive to think that in order to loose body fat we need to train almost exclusively using cardiovascular exercise.  However, the truth is that in order to permanently shed unwanted body fat one needs to have a balanced training program, which includes periodization approach to strength training for improved movement efficiency, enhanced performance, reduced injury, and lean muscle mass.

Using mezzo, macro, and micro cycle approach to resistance training will not only increases strength, but will also increase your joint stability, which can reduce the risk for repetitive stress injuries. An additional benefit of strength training is the maintenance and/or the addition of lean fat burning muscle mass, which will be a pivotal and one of the main triggers to raise your metabolism and keep your body burning more calories after a workout and while at rest.  This helps maintain optimal weight for both recreational and competitive athletes.

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