• Experience the power of the worlds two home_1most valued mind, body, health and wellness systems: Pilates and Yoga all in one class.
  • Imagine having a lean and toned physique of a dancer with a mind of a peaceful and blissful yogi.
  • Achieve your dreams with Free2BFit signature private, family, or partner Pilo-Yoga training.

Full list of Offerings:

Yoga Pilates MTRW Specialty Workshop
Aerial Yoga Pilo-Yoga CrossFit Pilates | Magic Circle
Sandbag Yogi Pilates Mat TACFIT Yoga | 101
Restorative Yoga Pilates Cadillac RKC Kettlebells Yoga | Learning The Shoulder Stand
Power Yoga Pilates Wunda Chair TRX Yoga | Hip Openers
Partner Yoga Pilates Leader Barrel Sandbag Yoga | Chest Openers
Yoga Lean Factor Pilates Barrels Body Extreme Training (BXT) Yoga | Restore & Revive
Kids Yoga Pilates Reformer Lean Mass Assault Yoga | Healthy Back
OMNI Gym Yoga Pilates | Cadillac Power
Family Yoga Pilates | Wunda Chair Magic
Muscle Flow TRX | 101
TRX | Intermediate
TRX | Advanced
Kettlebells |  101
Kettlebells | Intermediate
Kettlebells |  Advanced

No matter what your age or conditions are it is a sure way to get healthy and it will work for you.

Our belief is that training and nutritional nurturing goes hand in hand so all training comes with nutritional guidance on how to give you the tools to build healthy, sexy, lean, toned, and confident bodies. So you don’t  just get personal training you get nutritional advice as well (recipes, meals, and weekly challenges). Two in one – what’s not to like 🙂

Contact FREE2BFIT for pricing and package details

Moreover, the best compliment we can get is when our clients refer us to their family and friends and we of course give back by giving you a discount on your training for every  person you refer. Plus, the more that sign up the bigger discount you get.

If you are a senior, student, firefighter, medical emergency responders or in the military you get 10% off on all training except introductory or special offers.

If you would like a personalized FAT-LOSS or LEAN MUSCLE BUILDING workout or PEAK OPTIMAL NUTRITION plan or would like to workout with me as your trainer in one-on-one or a small group setting send an email to Esse Fit info now and start your journey to success.  No obligation –  plus so many options to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Why wait another day when you can wear that bikini or show off your muscular streamlined lean body today.

* See company policy for refunds info. All sales are final and non-refundable and non-transferable.

* For the Free To Be Fit Competition Prep a minimum 3 day commitment is required or more depending on expectations and individual needs. If you are not able to meet 3 day a week in person we offer Free To Be Fit Competition Prep ToGo option to meet the demands of you busy schedule while helping you reach your goals.