Gluten Free Paleo E-Cookbook

I do not know about you, but I always hate it when I found a recipe that I want to try out but then life happens and you either forget to bookmark it or you actually go through the trouble of doing it (plus got all your book marks organized by topic) but just do not feel like sorting through hundreds of them. Well, I went through the trouble and did the footwork for you. Now, our readers favorite Gluten Free Paleo recipes are all in one place and at your finger tips whenever you want them. Plus no shipping fees and no waiting 🙂 , who likes to wait anyway.

Paleo CookbookWeather you are cooking for your self or that special someone (family or friends_, everyone will be able to enjoy this Gluten Free Collection of  the readers favorite 70 recipes. Plus, they even passed the test of my very old fashioned father who loves his food the way he grew up and does not quite understand the whole Gluten Free or Paleo way to help you stay healthy and lean. The trick is not to tell. What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen :). I think you know what I mean.

You can look everywhere (online, bookstores, and etc.) but nowhere you will find all the time tested deliciousness in one place and only for $9.99 (Price of one lunch!!!).  For you and your healthy gut I have breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and of course, Gluten Free Paleo desserts! Finger licking, satisfying and good for you too. Yes, I nailed it and you do not need to be test subject, just follow the recipe and enjoy!


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