POP Lifestyle: Portion Control

Happy Friday guys, 

This week addition to our POP LIfestyle toolbox is – Portion Control. This one is all all about ensuring that you get what your body needs to help you manage the demands of your lifestyle.

So far we were talked about:

The truth is, we need a little bit of everything to help us stay on track and ward of binging and overeating or restricting calories too much. .Yes, if I tell you go ahead and cut down your food intake to 1200 calories of course you will loose weight. Unfortunately, you will also loose your energy, lean muscle (that actually helps you to burn more fat), and also will get out of touch of the natural biorhythm that help you guide and control your food intake based on what your body needs to stay healthy and function well. For exmple, if you need to oil your car. You go an get good car shop but they do not tell you: Hey I got this good oil but because it is so high quality you need half of it. I do not think so. It might run for a but but then it will break and you will need a little more then oil to get it fixed.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that restrictions will not get you far. Think about it, have you been around a person on a diet, are they happy? I do not think so. Depressed and obsessed.

And, yes, I did it all: 1000 calories, cabbage diets, pills, but nothing yelled long-term sustainable results that could be easily maintained througout my life without damaging my health. And forget about it when you are on vacation or a gathering.  That is why these series of posts are designed to help you get back in touch with you body and stop feeding your emotions, give into peer pressure of you have to live a little, and help you slowly and gradually release food obsession both unhealthy and healthy food ones.

Through out my training (15 years), I noticed that depending on what I do my body tells me to tweak my carbohydrate, protein, and fats. If I do more more cardio and agility conditioning I tend to eat a little more carbs. On the days where strength and weight training is prevailing I eat more protein. But nonetheless, majority of the time it comes down to 1 serving of healthy protein, 1 serving of fiberfull carbs, and 2 -3 serving of vegetable to keep me light on my fet and ward of energy spikes (lows and highs).

Here is simple chart to help you learn portion sizes no matter where you are and in just as little as few weeks you will naturally see you body starting to tone and shape  effortlessly:

So going forward, continue incorporating effective POP Tools (nutritional guidance and recipes) and free workouts routines and challenges into your daily routine, and you will be surprised just how much energy, vitality, and of course lean muslce you can gain.

Have a great weekend.


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