MTRW: Lean and Strong

Hi guys,

Today was the 4 day into the new routine: 4 days workout. I added 1 day to my last months workout and switched between whole body weightlifting (click here to see weeks 1-3 bikini competition prep) to  4-day split routine. Also added a time challenge – 20 min – short and sweet but yields great results. I have been really into this new set-up – I have been missing my TACFIT challenges 🙂 Plus today I had enough time and did Zumba. The instructor was really good so I enjoyed myself greatly.

Here is today’s workout breakdown:

Part 1: 20 min | back-to-back | as many rounds as possible

  • Forward Lunges – 21 (each side)
  • Spinal Rock – 13
  • Mountain Climber – 8 (each leg)
  • Kettlebell Figure 8 – 5

Part 2: 3 sets | start at 65% effort then increase by 20% with each set

  • Superset A:
    • Narrow Grip Barbell Curl + Wide Grip Barbell Curl | 10 reps each
    • High Pulley Triceps Rope Press-down | 15
  • Superset B:
    • Resistance Band Unilateral  Overhead Triceps Extension | 10 reps each
    • Resistance Band Bilateral Biceps Curl | 10
  • Abs: 2 sets | 25 reps
    • Prone Fold
    • Raised Leg Crunches
    • Weighted Frog

Exercise Breakdown:

  • Prone Fold: Take a medicine ball and place it by your head. Lie down on a mat.  Place a swiss ball between your feet. Flex your feet, grab the medicine ball with your hands. Pull your belly button in toward your spine and hold it there throughout the move so you keep the transverse abdominis contracted.Engage your core, exhale and bring your hands towards the middline of your body while simultaneously raising your feet off the floor (holding the Swiss ball with your legs), stop once you touch the medicine ball. Exhale and bring both your feet and leg down toward the floor. Do not let your back arch and come off the floor at any point. Repeat.
  • Raised Leg Crunches: Lie down on the floor. Place the Swiss ball under your ankles. Your ankles and feet will be resting on the ball, your thighs lightly touching the ball. Place your hand behind your neck, elbows pointed out to the side of the room at all times. Look straight up on the ceiling. Inhale and lift your shoulders and upper back of the floor exhale and bring it back down. Repeat.
  • Weighted Frog: Lie down on a mat. Place a weighted medicine ball between your knees and squeeze it. Place your hands on the floor and stretch them out forming a letter T. Engage your abs, draw your navel towards the floor, exhale and lift your hip up of the floor (just like you would in a vertical leg crunch). Exhale, and lower your feet towards the floor lightly taping the floor with your toes. Keep your lower back on the mat at all times during the exercise. If comes up of the floor only lower your legs toward the floor and stop before your back starts to arch. Repeat.

Stretch and have a prtoein shake.

Happy Friday.


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