Metabolic Training Equipment

Hi Guys,

In my workouts I am using a variety of equipment to keep it fun and also offer an opportunity for my body to be always challenged and to utilize a variety of muscle groups. Below is the list of the equipment that I have been using and also link to the sites in case you would like to use them as well:



TRX Suspension Training Pack                                              RMAX Tactical Training Tools 
313_TRX_make_your_body_your_machine                               Clubbels

Ultimate Body Press Gymnastic Rings                         Ultimate Sandbag


Dip Station & Hurdles                                     Sandbells and Weighted Vest


AirFit Suspension Trainer                  Ugi Fitness at Home Kit (12-Pound, Blue)


TRX X-Mount                                          Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand

Everlast Soft Medicine Ball                                Adjustable Conditioning Weigted Vest



Everlast 4008 80-PoundTraditional Heavy Bag

Trigger Point Performance EVA Foam Roller                         High Density Foam Roller


Total Body Self Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Massage Kit

And of course my favorite Vibrams Fivefigners…once fivefingers…always fivefingers. I used to do all my squats, lunges, plyo, and yoga bare feet to enhance neuromuscular response…well no more:

Vibram Fivefingers Bikila Grey/Cream Berry              VibramFivefingers KomodoSport